Shabbat Kiddush

Every Rabbi-led Saturday Service ends with a Kiddush. An opportunity for our congregation to socialize and enjoy a Kiddush table, in keeping with the injunction to delight in the Shabbat.

A list of member names is assigned to oversee each Shabbat Kiddush for each Saturday Service on the 2021-2022 calendar. Each member is assigned a corresponding number or code next to their name.  Codes correspond to the item(s) each member is responsible for bringing:

1)  Challah
2)  Fresh fruit or dried figs, dates.
3)  Cake and/or cookies
4)  Fruit juice – One large bottle and some water

At the bottom you will find the complete list of Kiddush duties. We anticipate 20 to 25 people each monthly session.  If it is a special occasion, we will ask people to bring more food or we will order sandwiches – The wine will be provided.

A List of Members Responsible for the Shabbat Kiddush will be contacted by phone.


9:30 am

  • Place food in the kitchen
  • Retrieve paper plates, serving dishes etc. from basement and arrange food.
  • Put Bima cover on the front table and tablecloths on the two tables at the back of the room.
    • People should be able to move around the two tables.
    • Chairs at the back may have to be moved to leave space for people to mingle.
  • Put food out on tables and cover food

12:00 before Rabbi finishes service (during announcements)

  • Pour the wine and juice
  • Unwrap the food

Clean up

  • Take all garbage and leftover  food home
  • Clean off tables
  • Put chairs back
  • Put all linen and dishes back in storage area
  • Sweep floor if dirty around food area
  • If linen is dirty, take to cleaners and /or wash and press.
  • Turn all lights out

Thank you to this year’s organizers.

Notes –  If you cannot participate, please try to trade with someone else.  A phone list should be available to all members to coordinate amongst themselves.  Contact us if you have any questions.


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