Membership 2022-23

The membership application or renewal deadline for 2021-2022 is August 30, 2022.  Registering or returning?  Write to for a registration or renewal form or click on the buttons below to download directly.

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Membership Information

Membership in Iyr HaMelech is open to all Jews and their families, including non-Jewish family members. Non-Jews interested in conversion to Reform Judaism or who are dedicated to participating in Reform Judaism are welcome to join as members.

In addition to residents of Kingston and the surrounding communities, we welcome students attending college or university here, and short-term and long-term visitors to our area. Anyone interested may join our e-mail list at no charge to receive the monthly calendar and other updates. Members of the congregation also receive the monthly calendar via Canada Post or e-mail, together with our newsletter and, if desired, phone reminders of upcoming gatherings. They also receive the excellent magazine, Reform Judaism, appearing four times a year.

Annual dues are very reasonable, and no person wishing to join our congregation shall be prevented for financial reasons. Fees can be adjusted to suit individual circumstances. New members are honoured annually at a special Shabbat service.

For further information on membership, please contact us at IYRHAMELECH@GMAIL.COM


From our small beginnings, we have kept an informal, participatory spirit. Iyr HaMelech exists very much through the cooperative contributions of its members. Our activities are coordinated by our annually elected board and our various other committees, and responsible to an annual general meeting of the congregation. Virtually all members share in the tasks, responsibilities, and functions of an active and forward-looking community. Many of our activities depend on member participation. Let us know what interests you!

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